Wednesday, 9 July 2014

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grey/white stripe top - asos
red corduroy dungaree dress - primark via ebay
denim shirt - levi's via vintage fair
watch - charity shop
socks - asos
earrings - birthday gift
scrunchie - topshop
badges n brooches are stuff i've collected over the years

what is this??? an ootd?? I have felt bad for a while as I am not only a fashion student, but I call this a fashion blog primarily and this is my first ever proper style related post! Pretty bad, huh?

The red corduroy denim dress is literally my favourite item of clothing right now, and I am so pleased to have found it on eBay. I've started following a group of people on tumblr who are very arty and a lot had worn these in selfies, so through some detective work I found out it was from Primark a year or so ago and actually managed to buy it for £4.99 off eBay! Just last week I decided to find the black version and snapped that up for 99p off eBay too. I felt like the bargain queen to be perfectly honest!!

The massive denim shirt is something I got from the Edinburgh Freshers Vintage Fair last September, and even though I wasn't an Edinburgh fresher I still hadn't started uni at that point so I thought it was worth a shot, and the stuff I got I've consistently worn throughout the year so I got a lot of good stuff out of it.

I shy away from wearing the big denim shirt quite a lot, mainly because it's so oversized that it is practically a dress on me. But I really love it so I should really try a bit harder, as it can really go well with anything to be honest!

Basically all the photos are me mid-laugh as my mum made fun of me the entire time. It made for some quite happy-looking photos though so, I don't mind particularly much! How lovely is my mum's garden though? I've persuaded her to let me take cuttings off some succulents to grow in pots for me to take back to Aberdeen - how exciting!!

Au revoir and be wiggly


Hayley- Eszti said...

The denim dress is so cute! You dress how I used to when I was 19 - which was only 3 years ago but it feels so long ago now! Love your GIFs too!

KylieR said...

Ah love this, such a cute red dungaree dress.

Jean said...

Haley - Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!! Isn't it lovely?? I have it in black too and I can't stop wearing them :) Thanks so much!!

Kylie - Thanks so much for commenting!! Really appreciate it :)

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