Wednesday, 2 July 2014

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I've been off from uni for nearly two months now, which is rather hard to believe! It's been rather nice not having to franticly meet deadlines for the past two months, but I have to say I really miss it and my friends, and really can't wait to start second year on the 26th September.

Anyway, on 9th May it was assessment hand-in, and one of my projects that I had recently finished was the "Assemble" project. Using inspiration we could have found from anywhere, we had to design a t-shirt dress which was inspired by a particular designer from a list. I chose Louise Gray who tends to uses a lot of bright, bold and irregular patterns in one garment, so using that as a starting off point I began to find inspiration from ceramics, stained glass (mainly from some primary research in the Saint Chapelle in Paris) and distressed surfaces I came across at the art school or around Aberdeen.

Some of my favourite pages are ones from the research stage, which are below.

Development was when I began to take this inspiration and translate it into workable patterns. I mainly did this using Photoshop, the photocopiers at Gray's (which hardly ever work and cost sooo much money), experimenting with the heat press and printing and just drawing stuff out. Photoshop was my favourite thing in this project and the tutor pointed that out in feedback! I just find it so easy to move primary research forward into patterns using it, and in my opinion some of the patterns I made I could actually wear myself!

Opinions are welcome, constructive criticism is super useful and one I've grown to love and use. Let me tell ya, right at the start of the year it was hard to hear constructive criticism as I only heard the 'negative' criticism part, but really it's about looking at what can be improved!

If anyone is at all interested in a post about sketchbook tips, let me know!

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