Tuesday, 15 April 2014

yarn along: what i'm knitting

I am knitting the way easier version
 in the top right
The Yarn Along is a cute wee link up organised by Ginny, and I thought it'd be a nice idea to do it every couple of weeks so that I had something to motivate me to finish my knitting projects! The Yarn Along is a way of people connecting through what they are knitting and what they are reading, cute huh?

I am currently knitting a jumper, which I have been knitting since Christmas. It is my first ever knitting project through a pattern so I think I am doing okay so far. I am really close to finishing, with just a few more rows to do on the second sleeve and then to try and conquer the neckband.

I am currently reading "Women and the Material Culture of Needlework and Textiles" and several other books on that topic as I have an essay due next Wednesday. We're allowed to choose any topic from the lectures the past semester so I've decided to focus on whether craft is actually relevant in the 21st century anymore. I find it ridiculously interesting and I've checked out about 7 books, but there's so much information I have now that I need to narrow it down!

Check back again on Sunday for the second post on "Sewing the High Street"!

au revoir mon petite squiggles xxx



Holly Peckitt said...

Really enjoyed reading this post. I love the appearance of items that have been knitting and hope the jumper your making is going well :) xxxxx

Jean said...

Holly - Thank ya!! It's going well, so close to finishing it! Pity summer is coming up :D Thanks so much for commenting XXXXXXX hugs!

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