Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The usefulness of HabitRPG

I came across the website HabitRPG when I was mindlessly scrolling through Tumblr back in January, and to say it came at the exact right time is a bit of an understatement, as it has really helped to change some of my worst habits, and is on track to really help me out in my life!

Use it to form good habits, and to stop doing bad ones

For people who have struggled to find a productivity app or system for them, like me, HabitRPG is really good because it kind of puts all the other ones to shame in the respect that it really makes you, the one using it, be put in charge. It makes you feel guilty if you cheat or delete something so that you can pretend you did it, and if you cheat then the achievements have not been "won" by you. It's a really simple but ingenious solution to bad habits, and helps you to make good ones!

The system of using a game, or an RPG, for productivity boosting, is very effective

I know not everyone will appreciate the fact that your life has been "game-ified" but for many people the thought that tidying their room can get them some cool items or gold is a really clever way of making people tidy their room. It makes it a lot easier to keep track of your to do list (under To dos) as it is in one place, along with things you tend to do every day (Dailies) as well as trying to curb bad habits and integrate good ones into your life (under Habits). Whether you use the lift instead of the stairs, you either lose Health Points (HP) or gain achievement points and gold. The risk of losing all your health and dying (going down a level) makes you continue to work hard to do all your Dailies, finish as many To-Dos as possible, and keep your Habits blue.

There is nearly too much on offer for me to talk about in one post
There really is! I haven't even gotten on to talking about pets and mounts you can win, or the schematics of customising your To-dos and Rewards, the scariness of seeing Habits go red when you don't (or do) them... The community is also really varied with a Tavern where anyone can chat, or separate Guilds for groups of people to discuss similar things, as well as Parties where you can invite friends to work together doing your dailies to defeat bosses and do quests!!
Check out the website for yourself here, and have a wee play with it. I highly recommend it, but it isn't for everyone so don't be disheartened if it doesn't work for you, there's plenty other productivity solutions around, or you know, just get on with it! (but obviously, if it was that easy this website wouldn't exist ;)) 

For an even better idea of how different people use it in different ways, check out this guy's Tumblr post about how HabitRPG works, and his corresponding tips on using it

Try it out, you never know you may be conquering your bosses and adopting pandas before you know it!

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Holly Peckitt said...

I NEED TO USE THIS WEBSITE. As I'm writing this comment I've just signed up for an account. It looks brilliant and thank you for introducing me to something like this :)
*hugs* xxxxx

Hayley Jackson said...

Downloaded this app as soon as I read this! Thank you for bringing it to my attention, hopefully it will work to break my bad habits!

Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

Jean said...

Holly - Yay that is awesome!!! I hope you find it really useful, let me know how you find it!

Hayley - It's no problem at all, I hope you like it! Thanks for stopping by :)

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