Monday, 7 April 2014

the importance of being idle

Most people have probably experienced at one point or another, possibly from a friend or a parent, the phrase being directed at them "why the heck are you still in pyjamas at 6pm" or "are your eyes not tired from looking at that screen for hours" or "there is only so many days you can spend just lying like that".

Alright, that might have just been me. But everyone has felt that, after a day of nothing in particular, that they have wasted their day and consequently their life and then you have an existential crisis. No?
It's a fact of life, you have probably spent many days in which you have just not felt capable of getting up out of bed and living life.

It's time to realise that you don't have to be living every day with a vigorous certainty for productivity.

It is ok to not be living the life you dreamed of

There is this expectation in modern life these days to always be on the go, always be working and always trying to achieve the best. Sod that.

Life may be short, but you can do whatever the heck you want with it. Feel like a 90's Disney Renaissance revival? Go watch them in a marathon, I don't care! To be perfectly honest with you, that's exactly what I did last week. Did it impact my life so badly that I am completely failing? No.

It's difficult to heed the advice from others about trying to accomplish your dreams, they are your dreams after all. I was reading a recent Rookie article about death (I can't remember the article name unfortunately) and the author regularly used the idea that "Everybody dies" as a way of pushing past bullying and criticism. In many ways the same phrase could be used to try and forget about living a scarily modern and busy life.

Obviously, not everyone wants to be idle all the time, and I completely respect that. Some people are born wanting to be active and busy all the time. But I have found that many people burning out and being idle every now and then is so so so important in order to continue being at their "optimum levels".

Just be willing to be flexible, and most importantly, realise there is a limit

There are only so many times you can tweet about how far behind you are in your work (which I can't even do any more anyway. My mum follows me on twitter AND my dad periodically stalks my twitter. how unfortunate) until you realise it is actually due in about 12 hours. Chipping at things is waaay better than rushing it at the end, but in our brains we try and put it off by saying there are still days and days left to do stuff. And our brain covers the importance up right until it kicks us to the ground into panic mode when the deadline approaches. Kind, right?

Basically what I am trying to put across is: even if you don't reach that deadline, or you perform "not so good" because of your being idle... it isn't the end of the world.

The end of the world is more likely to happen from a global worldwide computer meltdown which could happen at any time, anywhere, and lead to an apocalypse worse than any fictional world has predicted!!

So, get idle. Then get busy. Or both.

Lots o love,


Now, hold your breath for the next post in this (particularly short) series, the importance of being busy. because paradoxes are the foundations of life.


Cat said...

I needed this right now...
I'm meant to be revising for my highers (which start on the 29th of April) but I just can't get motivated and have been beating myself up for it. I still have 3 weeks until my first exam so I shouldn't be stressing out quite as much as I am, and this post helped me realise that. It's okay to stay in bed until 2pm, have breakfast at lunch time and stay in your PJs until 9pm, when you just put new pyjamas on. ♥

Emma Rose said...

loving your blog hun, I'm going to follow, I'm seeing some creative content that I'd like to see more of :)


Jean said...

Cat - I am really happy you found this so useful!! It is important to relax but also to know when to start to chip away at what you need to do. Definitely don't beat yourself up, I know you will do great! Everyone has those days, I had that day yesterday!! Lots of love to ya, and good luck with those exams, and remember that they do not define you :-)

Emma Rose - thank you so much for dropping by it is very kind of you! <3 Returned the favour sweetie!!

Holly Peckitt said...

Like Cat said. I definitely needed this as I've got GCSE Science exams in just over a month and I really needed the motivation to start revising for them. I wouldn't count myself as an idle person, but I am at times like this e.g. now it's the Easter Holidays because I've kind of realised that there are so many other things I can being doing with my time.

Great post xx

Jean said...

Holly - Thank ya! I'm glad you found this post useful Holly! It's a super stressful time but it will all be over soon, and it isn't the end of the world as you know :0 I am sure you'll do great, try your best gurl!!

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