Sunday, 13 April 2014

sewing the high street

Watch me turn ASOS into Alet's winch you out of there before the sharks get you!
(oh my god that pun was so bad. It was so bad I'm going to have to bold the part in ASOS I was trying to make a pun out of because it's so impossible to see where I was going with it)

I've been in a really thrifty and creative mood since being at home for the Easter break for a week, which is probably influenced mainly by my mum who seems to always get me excited by her many projects and general enthusiasm. It's harder for me to find the enthusiasm through my flatmates about things such as knitting and sewing!

This beauty of a skirt (ASOS Midi Skirt in Ponte with Pocket Detail) came on my radar a few weeks ago, and despite being not too expensive, the price is definitely not student-friendly. So I have had it sat in my save list for weeks now and I'd been mulling it over when I came to the great idea to try and sew a copy of the skirt, aiming to get it as cheap as possible!

I thought it'd be a really nice idea to teach some sewing basics, right up from finding fabric and patterns to the finishing ironing of the seams and wearing the garment, whilst simultaneously getting a really rocking new skirt out of it. I've never tried to emulate another garment so close before so this should be really interesting!

It's also really good for me because you all will be able to hold me accountable...

Time to finally get my sewing productivity on and sew my second ever piece of clothing. I know. I KNOW. That's so bad considering I am meant to be a fashion student. It's a combination of the following:

a) being too much of a ninny to try and attempt to sew by myself without the aid of my mum - lame
b) not having much time to get out my sewing machine - also lame. I had many summers the past few years to take advantage of!
c) my course is YET to make us sew even a smidge of a garment - super lame. I feel sorry for the girls who have done 2 years of college and have masses of pattern cutting knowledge but haven't touched a sewing machine yet at the art school

and many, many other reasons.

I mean, I've managed to conquer knitting patterns and much more to do with knitting in about 7 months than I have done with sewing, which I have shown an interest in for years. uHG I am so bad at being who I want to be!

Nevertheless, I hope to not only benefit complete beginners, but also advanced folk who would like to have a laugh at me! But if you don't try in life, what's the point eh?


Stay tuned every Sunday when I attempt to impart my knowledge unto you. Next week I will be focusing on how to find patterns at cheap n cheerful prices, and how to source cheap n cheerful fabric.


Holly Peckitt said...

An interesting post!
I for one, can't sew to save my life. Last time I tried it I sewed the fabric to myself by accident. I'm happy with a sewing machine, but I'm a disaster when it comes to doing it by hand.
Looking forward to next Sunday's post. HUGS xxxxx

Jean said...

Holly - To yourself?! Oh my gosh that sounds so scary!!! I hope you managed to detach it :P Yeah embroidery isn't a strong point, it's so fiddly isn't it?? Thanks so much for stopping by Holly, HUGS BACK!! xxxxxx

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