Wednesday, 30 April 2014


(Picture heavy!)

Heck yeah!! I was in Paris for 3 days in mid March with 140 other first year art students from Gray's, and it was possibly the most fun I have had EVER in such a short space of time. We were staying in the Gare du Nord St Christopher's Inn, which was brand new last year and really lovely to stay in. It was also easy for us to socialise altogether because there was a pretty big bar and restaurant. There was no way we were heading out into the Paris nightlife, because as far as I am concerned the day was scary enough... I've not experienced much street harassment in my life, it happens but never to the extent that me and the girls I was with most of the time experienced in just 3 days there!

Someone's home underneath stairs at the Palais de Tokyo
My favourite day was "the shittest Thursday ever". It started out so bad because we wasted an entire morning (not good if you are there for just 3 days) but looking back it was so funny. Myself and 12 others were all heading to the catacombs under Paris (where they moved about 7 million bodies when they ran out of room / were building) but managed to get onto an RER train instead of a metro train, which not only took us to the airport OUTSIDE of Paris, but also in the wrong direction. 

A genuine French market(!) just in front of the Palais de Tokyo
We then spent 30 seconds in the airport and got on a train back to Paris, which took one hour altogether and we got charged 30 Euros each because our metro ticket was for inside Paris only. Great! 

It then got better - we finally made it on the right metro (not a train... sigh) to the catacombs, and then one of the girls had the lovely experience of sitting next to a man who was masturbating. Yeah, masturbating on the metro. Yay Paris! The catacombs were awesome, and the following afternoon we wandered into the Saint Chapelle trying to find the Notre Dame, found the Notre Dame and also the really cute padlock bridge.

Saint Chapelle - so so so pretty! (unfortunately just had my iPhone camera at the time)
The first day was the visit to the Eiffel Tower (natch), a really cool Conde Naste exhibition about fashion photography, wandering of the streets, finding all the expensive high end fashion designers, and going to the biggest shopping centre in Europe (which didn't seem that big!).

Views of a bridge while trying to find the Notre Dame 

The final day we went to the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa (exactly what people say, pretty pants), went to Les Arts Decoratifs and saw the incredible Dries Van Noten exhibition and finally, my favourite thing we did, visited the Issey Miyake flagship store on Rue Royale!! It was so cool finally stepping inside a proper fashion designer's shop. The clothes were about 30cm between each other on the rails and touching them was amazing because you could literally feel the quality and effort that went into them.

Our little padlock

I had an amazing time and desperately want to go back to experience everything I missed out - going up the Eiffel Tower, more wandering of the streets and lots and lots of fashion and textile related exhibitions and shops we just didn't have the time for.

The infamous Louvre triangles

I am pretty chuffed because I have convinced one of my closest friends Anye and my sister Heather to go to Paris next summer for 6 nights at the same youth hostel. I'm hoping I can get them to squeeze all the interesting fashion things into one day and then we can go to Disneyland another day! 

Issey Miyake flagship store!

Going to Norway last summer and Paris this past March has really made me realise how much I want to see of the world!!

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Assortment of cute Paris streets and buildings


Kelly Lelly said...

I want to go to Paris soooooo much!

Kelly from | Daydreams & Daisychains

Cat said...

Paris is so beautiful!! I've been before but only for a day so I would love to go back for longer.
Sounds like you had an...eventful trip! :'D xx

Holly Peckitt said...

WOOOOOOOWWWW! I'd love to go to Paris! You're trip sounds amazing and you clearly had an...interesting time. When I was in Calais back in March I think I was more excited by the fact that we could see signs for Paris as oppose to the fact that I was actually in France.

But I couldn't agree more, visiting France and Belgium has made me realise how much I want to travel.
Great post :) xx

Jean said...

Kelly - Ahhh isn't it tho!!! Thanks so much for commenting!!

Cat - I really want to go back too, it's a place that just yearns for more time, really! Hope you get the chance to go back! <3

Holly - Haha it sure was interesting :P I hope you get the chance to go one day, it's such a lovely lovely place, just make sure to dress smart (the men.... urgh). Thanks so much Holly you star! <3

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