Monday, 13 January 2014

Art college life

(i'm not gonna apologise for not blogging as I was busy. okay I will a lot of the time I was busy but then there was time I COULD have been blogging)

Seeing as it is A NEW YEAR (#newme) (i'm so sorry), let's get it started in here, to quote the really catchy BEP song.

So I understand not everyone is that interested in what an art student does on a day to day basis, but if you are a person who wants to apply for an art course, or just nosy, you're probably quite interested to know, amirite?

Before I came to Gray's School of Art (part of Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen!) I had no fracking clue about what life as an art student would actually be like. Turns out, it involves a lot less sleep than normal, a lot of music, a lot of panicking, a lot of inspiration, and, as a fashion student, a lot of... wool.

For art students at Gray's, we are in most days from 9 until 4. After first year it is ALWAYS all day every day. I found that out the other day and had to lie down for a bit afterwards. Naturally, depending on the projects we are doing it might require self directed study (we do it by ourselves outwith studio time), or it might be a Wednesday afternoon, which we always get off, for "sports". Pah, sports.

An art student... procrastinates

I feel that my level of procrastination has somewhat dimmed since high school, and it is probably due in part to the fact that a) I like everything we're doing and b) there is a lot of money going in to me being here, heh. Money = good motivation. Nevertheless, procrastination is SUPER normal and there were many times last year I found myself at 2am, listening to loud music to cover the noise of me smacking my head against a wall.

I'm pretty determined for procrastination not to be an issue when next semester rolls around, but everyone knows the lure of tumblr. I'll just open up this amazing article for the short, easy and damn clever way to get motivated and this article which, whilst being quite long (and good at making you not work too) is SUPER at giving you the tools to beat procrastination.

An art student.... finds inspiration in lots of [stupid] places

Last term there was a lot of briefs which included lots of fluffy art terms, but in amongst those there was a term used: "to see rather than look", which I have conveniently used in every single evaluation and self-assessment form we have been given. One block, over the course of the term, was called Drawing and Visualisation and was mainly life / still drawing and focused a lot on improving your process of drawing, how to draw perspective, anatomy, and just being a bit more smart in how you build up a drawing. The term "to see rather than look" resonated with me a lot and since being told it I have tried a lot harder to gain some sort of aesthetic inspiration from the things I see everyday. Okay, a lot of these inspirations are pretty menial, but to be honest the menial stuff in life could be considered the most important, simply because it features in our lives so much because it is menial. THUS, making it important and not menial. PARADOX MUCH?

To be honest after writing that, and reading it over, it doesn't make much sense. If one person reads that past sentence and gets what I mean, hell, I'll give you a virtual hug and a pat on the back.

An art student.... stays up late doing work for a deadline that is not really a deadline but it is still called a deadline so I guess I better just do it anyway because otherwise I will be worrying about it at a later date

Not really got much else to say on this matter... apart from the fact that art school is so chill and sometimes there is a need to be a bit more organised... was that work meant to be done then? Or for next week? SjhgkJGHkjfg. It all works out in the end.... bleh

An art student.... has to do some [stupid] stuff

I kinda feel bad about how much I am mentioning the word stupid (albeit in brackets, but come on, brackets are where the truth comes out) in regards to a course I am really enjoying, but naturally when it comes to art, and as a person who does art as a "living" (not really doing it as a living but it is what I am doing for the majority of my life so it kinda is, but isn't), there are sooooo many times I feel like what I am doing is pointless.

Case in point...

Yes, that is me being photographed (by one of my flatmates, who graciously got up at 10am to do that) interacting with my environment... or just being squished by a mattress. It was part of a specific project looking at the body, and was mainly on how the body could be portrayed in the home in weird and interesting manners... i.e. not what you normally do.

There were a lot of times, before I applied, before I came to art college, whilst I was doing projects, whilst I was watching lots of the X Files and just last week where I was thinking to myself... "what is the point?". Art is hardly recognised as a suitable occupation by some, and compared to what plenty of my high school friends are doing, it's not exactly a certain and prosperous future.

Buuuut, I then remind myself I *LOVE* this, I *LOVE* being a bit silly, experimenting, doing art, creating stuff. I'm doing something I enjoy, and if that means I won't have a certain future, well then so. be. it.

(for those who have been in the same situation - "what the heck am I doing doing art" - then read this amazing Rookie mag piece called "Art for our sake"... it really made me realise why art was important, to ME)

ERM, so as an art student I think I fully qualify for over-thinking things. But you know, if there weren't people who did over-thinking there wouldn't be a lot of stuff invented and created.

Moving on, I have made an observation that I make a habit of posting after a (longer) hiatus, tacking on to the end of a post with a list of posts I'm planning on doing. That is NOT what I am going to do today, no sir. I'm not going to do it this time but I have a clear idea of post ideas and my friend, I'm going to be posting 'em. I'm not promising three times, or even one time a week posting, but it's going to be better than my last few months...

Ciao, and stay squiggly

Jean xxxxx