Sunday, 10 November 2013

music of the month: september, october and november

(whispers) hello friends i am very sorry for the absence i may have been busy with uni work but also i was watching many crap films, talking to as many people to try and make new friends and just in general not in the bloggy mood (whispers)

SO let us breathe life back into this wee blog I am still very much fond of, and pleased with, the amount of people who have actually come across here! Thank you so much for following, commenting and just in general being super duper awesome!

I was inspired today to get back into posting on this blog after receiving an email from Holly over at A Daydreamers Thoughts that it was her one year blogoversary - Congratulations! But what was the absolute loveliest thing about it was that she made a post about all the people she has met and talked to that have inspired her in some way shape or form. It is absolutely lovely to read, and now it's her turn to be inspiring - thanks Holly for reminding me about the fun-ness of blogging!! <3 Go check out her blog and send her some love, she deserves it!

So nostalgia and music hmmm? One of the things I have been doing a lot recently is listening to music. I am not sure if this is because I am at a stage in my life where things were changing a lot and the music I chose was either nostalgic (I had heard it when I was younger) or nostalgic-inducing (it made me think of school/memories etc.) but whenever I listen to some of this stuff it just makes me think of Aberdeen, a new life and new memories!

So I'm just going to kick it off with this tune which has become very popular recently:

OneRepublic - Counting Stars

I listened to One Republic - Good Life on repeat when I was just about to move to Aberdeen and was bored out of my mind, and it literally just made me think of school. Which is weird as I hadn't actually heard the song in its entirety at any point in my school career, so I don't know why it makes me think of that. Anywho - I asked my sister to send me over a bunch of songs as I was running out of ones to obsess over, and Counting Stars was one of those. I then heard it playing in a shop and I wondered why the heck it was on the radio, and then I heard it in loads of other places and, even though I still like the song, it has lost some of the personal-ness to it once I heard people drunkenly singing along to it in one of the other flats the other night.... heh.

I then moved on to a little phase I like to call: the 90s called and want your itunes playlist called "crap" back.

I then decided to try listening to one of the popular songs of AM - the new Arctic Monkeys album, and discovered I really liked it. Who knew eh?

I went on a spree of listening to Golden Brown by the Stranglers and bloody hell it is probably one of my favourite songs ever. Please listen to this at least once before you die.

And currently I am on a Keane revival after I saw their Best of Keane CD advert on Youtube and remembered how awesome their songs were.

Listen to them, maybe feel a little nostalgic for simpler times, (apart from Do I Wanna Know, which is totally a song to have sex to) and also not judge me. Please. Do not judge me.....

Much love to you all, and a merry time listening to Christmas songs in November.