Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The secrets to blogging: my experiences

Blogging as a way of expressing opinions, news, tips and more has been around pretty much since the Internet came about, and the reign of websites like LiveJournal made sure that in the early 00's that blogging was here to stay. Now, with Wordpress and Blogger and Tumblr, and fashion bloggers sitting front row at runway shows, it has lead the way for bloggers able to make their LIVING doing something that so many people started doing just for fun - amazing, huh?

It occurred to me today that, even though this blog is very, very new, that through my escapades with my previous blogs, that I seem to have finally found the secret to "successful" blogging. And my way of defining "successful" is that a) I am writing what I like to write about, b) I am getting visitors and readers and c) I have made friends and they are actually conversing with me on the blog - woah!

Okay, so obviously this blog is incredibly new, there isn't that many readers or comments, and I haven't even hit double digits in posts yet... but - what is stop me from sharing what I have learned so far from blogging, and my other experiences in blogging?

Think about what you enjoy. Write about that!

Back in early 2010, I began a book blog called Magic Bean Review. I had read book blogs for a bit and really liked the look of being able to pass on enjoyment of reading books to others. I was blogging at Magic Bean Review regularly for about a year and a half when I discovered that, although I absolutely love reading, that I did not enjoy blogging about reading, or writing reviews of books. Hence, I gave up with the blog.

Lesson? Write about what you enjoy. I wholeheartedly believe that if you choose to blog about things you truly, truly, love, then you will probably find a way to continue blogging for a long time.

Find blogs, read them.

There were several occasions when I began a blog and was committed fully for a few weeks, and then the commitment tapered off when I realised no one was listening. (aww)

Lesson? Go find blogs that post similar things you are going to post, and go find blogs that are the opposite of what you post because sometimes you need outside inspiration. Email, comment, tweet! Effy over at Effy Talks Life wrote a great post on effectively using Twitter to get your blog out there, and included the timings of the different blogger chats.

But the most important secret? Don't get hung up.

Did that post you spent ages writing and taking photos for not get as many hits and comments, or didn't start a conversation like you thought it would?

Forget about it.

Tweet the post a few times and then move on to another quality post. So long as you're interacting with other bloggers in the community and continually putting out content that you yourself would read on other blogs (or is something you are passionate about), your posts will be noticed.

For a long time I thought the secrets to blogging were just that, secret. But they are not. The secrets are posted by others all the time, their tips on blogging, their tips on being noticed. I hope you enjoyed my perspective of blogging and something here was useful for you!



Victoria B said...

loved this post!!!

Hayley Jackson said...

Great post, very insightful!

Hayley | Taxi for Jackson x

Emily Stoker said...

I love posts like this!
It's great that you haven't given up on blogging even though you've moved on from your previous blogs, good for you!

Emily x -

Casey said...

Such perfect timing. I've really been struggling with the content of my blog. Maybe I need a fresh start?

It's something to think about. Hm.

But I definitely need to aim for better conversation. Since I'm going for the community of bloggers.

Thanks so much Jean! And for the button xo

Arielle said...

I totally agree with this! It sucks when people start a blog just for the sake of "blogging" and not doing it because they truly enjoy it.

Great post, Jean!

Spaceship to Infinity

Rowdy Fairy said...

Great post! my blog is about as old as yours and i agree with everything you say here! I have tried blogging before and this is the only one that I really enjoy and is doing well because of these things :)

Rowdy Fairy Blog
Follow Me on Bloglovin!

Charlotte Dougall said...

Such a great post, Jean! I am a massive fan of your blog (infact I've just added it to my updated Blog Roll) and I'm glad you're enjoying it so much. One of my favourite things about blogging is the community behind it all, it's an amazing thing to be a part of! Hopefully we'll be able to get together and discuss all things fashion & bloggy when we're in Aberdeen together xx

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

Jean said...

Victoria - Thank you!! Thanks for commenting too :D

Hayley - Thanks for stopping by, appreciate it!!

Emily - Ahh same here, I always find it fun to read what other peoples experiences are like! Thanks for commenting!

Casey - Don't change too much, love your blog! I'm glad this post was useful for you, hope you work out something really good! And no problem whatsoever, I'm really glad you liked it \o/ Thanks for commenting!!

Arielle - Thanks so much for commenting again <3 I completely agree! If you don't enjoy it, you're not going to keep going for very long I think!

Tania - Thanks doll - exact same thoughts! It definitely helps being passionate about what your blog is all about. Thanks for stopping by!!

Jean said...

Whoops I didn't see your comment Charlotte!! Thank you so much!!! That's so nice of you :'D (I'm gonna pop your button on my sidebar as it's so so pretty!) It really is, I think I've finally found the blogging niche that suits me and what I enjoy! Can't wait for Aberdeen, definitely need to meet up!!

Emma Schwarz said...

This is a lovely blog, I am new to blogging so these tips are really helpful. Thank you for following I have also follwed you, I'm looking forward to your future posts.
Hopefully you can link up to Bagging a Bargain blog post next time :).


Holly Peckitt said...

I really loved this post. It is really motivating and encouraging, for someone that doesn't have that many followers.
Holly x

Jean said...

Emma - Thanks so much, really love your blog especially the link up you've started! Look forward to your future posts too! :D

Holly - Aw thank you so much Holly!! You're the best!!! <3

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