Monday, 30 September 2013

My uni room

(excuse the bad quality image, the only camera I have now is a digital one, rather than my mum's DSLR I used to use!) 

I've been very busy the past two weeks, settling in, taking part in freshers week (and the FRESHERS FAIR ehehe), meeting new people, getting to know my new flatmates, learning how to use washing machines, doing my food shopping, all that jazz. Today I am starting my course - really scary... I am doing fashion and textiles, and since it is an art degree I am so so scared about expectations, and what other people will think / judge about me and my work... what if I am not good enough?!

But the most important thing is that I try and relax, forget about it, and move on. The whole point of this four year experience is to learn new skills, and if I learn one new thing today then I will have made progress in keeping to that.

So without further adieu, here is my new room! It would probably be slightly more interesting if I had some pictures of my old room, but believe me when I say this: it is SO much bigger. I genuinely used to stay in a room that used to be a cupboard. But not one under the stairs kind, like Harry Potter. And in addition, I have a freakin' ENSUITE. How great is that?! No need to share with my flatmates, and I have all the room in the world (ok two shelves) to hold all my skincare crap. Woop!

Notice my fabulous X Files and GOT posters....

My very confusing timetable is in pride of place on the wall.

My collection of fashion-y books I brought with me, and my pinboard which I am very pleased with.

As my new term and new life begins, so will posting on the blog begin again! 

Would you like some posts on what I am doing at university, how I am organising myself?
Or would you prefer more general posts on fashion... 

Any ideas on what you would like to see would be great! 

Coming up this week is...
  • How to score a virtual internship
  • A little post on my freshers week (and how I've found settling in)
  • A Babylips review (I don't even care that there are loads, I have opinions! :p)
  • OUTFIT POST! I scored some great vintage finds the day before I left to Aberdeen, at a student vintage fair in Edinburgh. I'm in love with the bargain purchases I got and I wanna show 'em off!

Much love to ya, and stay cool <3



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Dulcie Horn said...

Visual internship post sounds super useful! Good luck at uni, love your little boxes.

Holly Peckitt said...

Good luck at University! I'm sure that you'll do really well.
Loved this post and I'm sure I've got the same calendar somewhere in my house.
Have a great time,
Holly x

Jodie A said...

I love the vintage dresses on your wall! ♥♥

Iqra said...

would love to see some uni posts as I'm a first year too and so they could be super beneficial ^_^
hope you're settling in well :)
The Blushing Giraffe| The Blog Loving

Jenny Cable said...

Love your blog post!
Strangely I lived in these exact halls last year and had many wonderful memories as I'm sure you will! I'm a second year Fashion Management now though :)

Thanks for posting these photos!


Jean said...

Dulcie - Thank you!! Thanks for commenting, really appreciate it :D

Holly - Ah you're a doll, thank you so much :'> Isn't it a lovely calendar??

Jodie - Thank you! Some free photos from a magazine my Granny used to get - such an easy way of making my walls a bit nicer looking!

Iqra - I'll definitely keep them up! Thanks so much for dropping by, much love!

Jenny - Thank you!! Aren't they really lovely halls?! I was so impressed with the size and the ensuite and such - feels nicer than Woolmanhill anyway! Thanks for dropping by!!

Alice May said...

Your uni room looks really cute and cosy :). I just posted about mine! Take a look and let me know what you think :) x

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