Thursday, 12 September 2013

My skincare routine

I am completely obsessed with skincare and everything to do with it - I love reading posts from others about their best beauty finds or their skincare routine, and can happily spend ages wandering in my local Boots ogling their skincare aisle. It's a bit weird, but everyone has their obsessions!

You'll see a LOT of Simple, but it's mainly because I absolutely adore their range and after using Simple Sense, bought a couple new products to use weekly on my skin to keep it in tip topperoo shape.


For me, Simple is really kind to my skin and I easily use the Kind to Skin cleanser and light moisturiser every morning and night. I use the Simple Kind to Skin toner and the eye creams; balance Me Wonder Eye Cream and Good Things Bright Eyes Eye Cream at night, and since using a combination of the two eye creams it's really helped to improve my dark under eyes.

I can't imagine ever not using the three Simple products for my Cleanse, Tone and Moisturise steps, they have always worked for me and kept my skin nice and fresh!


What I found just using cleanser, toner and moisturiser daily was that my skin was (generally) clear and alright, it really wasn't glowing, radiant, healthy. This was probably due to a combination of my eating habits (which are improved now, yay!) and that I did not exfoliate. After using really cool exfoliating gloves with the Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub, my skin instantly feels absolutely gorgeous. What is even better is that it works far better than the pore strips to unclog my pores.

I bought the Good Things 5 Minute Facial Face Mask in Brighton on holiday with my friends, and having used it a couple times I have found it to be very good at giving my skin a little radiance. 

My Nivea Visage Young - Bye Bye Spot cream is a bittersweet product. Although the bitterness has nothing to do with the products ability to work! I use it all over my face as a moisturiser whenever I feel a spot coming through, and I think it works great. The bitterness only exists because the Nivea Visage Young range existed for a short period of time in the UK, and I actually bought this product whilst on a school trip to Belgium! I can only hope I will one day find this product again, as I love it.

I also use T-Zone and Freederm spot treatments if I have a really bad breakout, and find those work really well on bringing the redness down. 

Ciao ciao

What is your skincare routine like? And have you had experience with any of these products before? Let me know! :)


Hannah Hepton said...

I haven't actually tried many products from Simple! I picked up their Replenishing rich moisturiser or something it was called a few months ago but I didn't feel like it was hydrating enough for my super dry skin! I'm currently after a new eye cream so I may have a look for that BalanceMe one! :)

Hannah x

M+K said...

we love a simple skin care routine. At the moment, we're using Simple's daily face cleanser and Sukin moisturiser!

Jean said...

Hannah - I've always found the rich moisturiser to be worse than the light one! I've found the light one to be more moisturising than the rich one, for some strange reason. I think it might just be as the rich one is just too rich? I'm not sure! Definitely have a look, it's really good! Thanks so much for dropping by :D

M&K - Their cleanser is so good! Thanks so much for commenting, really appreciate it! <3

Heather said...

I love simple skincare, I have used it for years! x

Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

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