Monday, 2 September 2013

Blog Your Socks Off September


So, it is technically 23:56 right here in Scotland, so I guess that still counts for my 2nd of September post...? Whoops! Blog Your Socks Off September (or more commonly known as  #blogyoursocksoffseptember on Twitter!) is a challenge set up by Jess over at Lovely Jubbly, in which you must try and post every single day in September!

As my blog is relatively new, I thought this would be the perfect challenge to really get to know my style of content and mix it up with new posts.

What is coming up over the next week?
  • Game of Thrones fashion
  • My skincare routine
  • Sewing tips
  • What I've been sewing
  • Sketchbook fun!
  • and, obviously, way more!
I have planned what I am doing every day of September (bar one, which for the life of me I can't think of) but if you want to request something or see more of a type of post, comment!


Jotter clipart and text clipping mask (a cute lamb under a cherry tree) from Just Something I Made and doily from Pugly Pixel


Charlotte Dougall said...

Looking forward to having a post to read every day! I try to blog every day but I think if I started to take part in this I would just feel too pressured and end up missing out, so I guess I'm 'unofficially' taking part!xx

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

Jean said...

Ahh thanks for commenting Charlotte!

I was chatting to someone on Twitter about the challenge and she said a similar thing, she was going to try and post a little more than normal! I considered it but I thought I'd just have a bash at the entire thing anyway :p

Hopefully because I've planned what I'm going to post I'll be able to keep up, but only time will tell! Thanks for stopping by ^_^

Holly Peckitt said...

Great post. I am looking forward to seeing your future posts! I love the idea of doing this but like Charlotte said above I think I'd end up feeling pressured to do it every day but would blog more frequently than normal. Also, I have the short term memory of a Goldfish and so I would probably forget to do it.
I love your ideas for your posts too.

Holly x

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