Sunday, 8 September 2013

Blog post frequency: Quality vs Quantity

I know, I know... I'm a bit of a failure, I only got 5 days in to the Blog Your Socks Off September challenge before I'm calling it quits! It's mainly because I found myself staying up ridiculously late into the night making headers for my posts or trying to think of a wittier way of saying "I LOVE THIS", and I thought to myself... "I don't need to put myself through this!"

Blog Your Socks Off September has helped me realise that my blogging rhythm was not suited to daily posting... I was enjoying blogging much more when I was posting around 2 - 4 times a week, with no pressure! That's not to say the challenge is bad, not at all! It is just that daily posting does not suit me, my blog and the style of my blog.

I discovered that less frequent post resulted in my posts being of a better quality, so the age old question beckons then;

Is it better to strive for quality or quantity?


  • The advantages of blogging only quality posts is that you will be fully (or mainly) satisfied with your blog - you know your blog posts are of the highest and best quality that you can produce!
  • In addition, your readers will think that too, and may be more responsive in terms of views, comments and shares. 
  • Quality blogging takes up a LOT of time - time that could be spent doing double the amount of posts, and building an archive. 


  • With a larger amount of posts, there are more opportunities for people to come across your blog, as you are able to post your blog posts more often on Twitter and Facebook.
  • With more posts means a hindrance in quality, and the page views will likely not translate into returning visitors or readers.

I think that quality and quantity of blog posting can be considered to be on two sides of the same coin, and means that it is important to focus on BOTH, and find a balance.

Every blogger will have, through trial and error, discovered their particular rhythm or posting frequency, whether it be through daily posting, a few posts a week or once a week on a particular day.

Finding your rhythm

Deciding on the right posting frequency is important, since if you find the right pattern you are less likely to encounter the woeful "bloggers block" and most importantly not lose enthusiasm or motivation to blog!

I should have realised that when I was putting up posts 2 - 3 times a week in my first few months was the right rhythm for me, as I continually found things to post about and felt enthusiastic to write about them. 

Rapidly switching to daily posting was detrimental to not only my enthusiasm for blogging but also my ability to find enjoyment in the things I was writing about. Writing a post at stupid o'clock probably did not help though, and my time management was a shambles too! But that is a whole different blog post, my friend...!

I hope you guys found this post helpful

What is your posting frequency right now, and do you feel happy with your quality and quantity balance?

Sources: Thanks to this page for way more pros and cons of posting frequency that I could think of! 


Stacey Kane said...

brilliant post, I personally agree with quality over quantity and prefer to only put out posts that I'm happy with. I know some people do well with the constant stream of reviews that they post and that's great for them, but it's just not a direction I want to go with my blog. I think great quality content is always best, and like you said it will result in more people wanting to come back x

Rowdy Fairy said...

Great post! I currently post every day but I am a position at the moment where I am able to and I am yet to face writers block, but as I am only 2 months into my blog and I wouldn't hesitate to drop back if it meant I would create better posts :)

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Christina S said...

Great post!
Just found your blog!
Now following
Looking forward to keeping up.


Jean said...

Stacey - Thanks! Exactly, you've got it exactly right :) Without good content no one will come back! Thanks so much for commenting and stopping by <3

Tania - Same here!! It's all about the balance :D Thanks so much for commenting!! :D

Christina - Thank you!! I'll be sure to check out your blog ^_^

Jodie said...

Love the post, Jean!! :)

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Jean said...

Thanks Jodie!! <3

Harri Wren said...

I've been thinking about this lately. I try and post on my blog every 2 days, but then I end up with bad posts that I feel bad about. I generally delete them. I think I prefer to take my time and make the best posts ever!! Thanks for the tips. xx Harri

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