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The past year has seen the rise and rise of the virtual internship (also known as a remote internship), a form of the classic tea-getter which leaves out the act of having to get tea. This is because instead of being in the office of the magazine you love, you're in your room whilst listening to OneRepublic on repeat whilst you go about your internship duties. What's not to love?

The benefits of a virtual internship

Why should you think about finding a virtual internship? Let me list the ways...

  • Compared to an internship you have to get up at silly o'clock to get to, a virtual internship is there whenever you have access to the internet and email. 
  • You learn how to manage your time. I don't spend quite as much time on tumblr reblogging pictures of Rose and the Doctor between walls (although it is still an unhealthy addiction) when I know I have to do looks for LOOKSIMA.
  • If you have no way of getting an internship in whatever your career of choice is, such as you live in nowhere-ville, then a virtual internship allows you to build your skills and CV easily.
  • Speaking of CVs, your virtual internship will boost your CV.
  • Email etiquette. You probably know how to type an email, seeing as you probably sent an email to obtain the virtual internship, but there are always ways of improving your email etiquette.
  • Interview skills. You might be interviewed via skype, in which case you just developed some skills in being interviewed, gurl!
  • and many more...!

Using your internship to learn

The whole point of an internship where you are not paid is to develop skills. With a virtual internship, this is just as true. I have learned to effectively organise my time to fit my virtual internship within my life. I was VERY bad and let myself neglect my internship for several months, but luckily was able to learn from that mistake to continue doing the internship and instead of neglecting and getting overwhelmed I managed my time better.

Not only that, but with my internship I use Photoshop repeatedly, and thanks to that I have massively developed my skills in the program from the continued use. Before I had my internship the program scared me a little, but the tried and tested term "practice makes perfect" really does ring true in that I do not have to look up on Google what steps I have to do to do a clipping mask, for instance, it is just automatic.

How to find virtual internships

I came across virtual internships whilst on the InternQueen website (which if you are looking for PR virtual internships there are plenty) and quickly wanted to discover a fashion-related internship which would not mean I would have to move to London, seeing as I am based in a small town in Scotland.

A Google search led me to, which allows you to search for any kind of internship (in my case, I typed "fashion" into the search bar) and tick a box: "Virtual" so you come across ones which you don't have to leave your home to do. works in such a way though that you need to fill in your information AND a CV before you can apply for internships, as you apply through their website to prospective companies. (For those based in the UK, you may have to put a note at the top of your CV page to say you are from the UK, as I found the location does not allow for those outside the US). 

I really enjoyed using this website and it was how I found my virtual internship, but it definitely is not the only way to find one! Simply typing your type of internship along with virtual internship can mean you find opportunities, as well as using Twitter.

As more people discover the beauty of virtual internships, there will most likely be more and more ways of coming across them! Just yesterday I was told about a website coming soon where you can find virtual internships, called Edumoko. Hopefully that means a surge in the popularity of virtual internships is coming soon!

Take care!!


Have you had a virtual internship before? If not, do you think you will try and find one now?
Let me know if you would like more posts on virtual internships, if you found this post helpful!


Charlotte Dougall said...

This is such a helpful post! All of the opportunities right now seem to be in London which really isn't ideal for us Scots. Definitely going to be looking in to a virtual internship, it sounds perfect for me.

Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

Cat said...

So helpful! Thanks for this post :D xx

Jean said...

Charlotte- Thanks so much! I highly recommend it, it really is perfect for you!! Hope you find a great opportunity :0

Cat- Thanks so much for stopping by, appreciate it girl!!

Efia Sulter said...

I did a virtual internship too and I absolutely loved it, my boss had so much faith in me and was so great to work from my bed haha!

You can read my post here:

Efia @ Effy Talks Life


Efia Sulter said...

ps - love your header!

Jean said...

Thanks so much for commenting Efia, really appreciate it :D Checked out your post!

Taylor Cornwell said...

I didn't even know virtual internships even existed, wow! Must be so much fun, would love to do it :)

Jean said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting Taylor! Glad the post was useful for you :D And yep, they are definitely definitely useful, highly recommend 'em!


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