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Simple is by far one of my favourite skincare brands, ever since I began using their Light moisturiser, one of their most popular products, I have been using their products on my face and found that they have been super beneficial! Most days I tend to use just their cleanser and light moisturiser, and that is good enough for making sure my skin is clean, but I had been noticing it was glowing or healthy looking. 

On a Twitter escapade I came across a tweet by Simple discussing their new personalised skincare routine called Simple Sense, which is free! Naturally I could not say no and instantly began the quiz to see what advice Simple could dish out. 

Simple ask you a bunch of questions, from what your face feels like if you touch it, what sort of things you eat, what problems you encounter with your skin, and a bunch more. It takes around 10 minutes to complete if you think about each question properly, and at the end you find out 3 specific areas you can focus on to get what you what out of your skin, but there is an entire array of sections from Deep Cleanse to Treat which give you advice depending on what you answered.

What I found the most helpful was that under each tab it told you how to effectively DO that process, so for example in Deep Cleanse it told you how to actually use the Simple product it recommended you, in order to get the best result out of it. This was by far the most useful aspect of Simple Sense, along with personalised product recommendations!

Word of warning however, if you plan on doing the quiz and going back to look at it again, screen shot or save the bits you want to read! I did the quiz, skimmed through and closed it, and had to re-do the questionnaire again... and then I did it again twice! It's a bit of a faff so make sure to keep that in mind.

Below were the product recommendations I was given with my results. I don't tend to use eye makeup often so I didn't bother buying the eye makeup remover pads, and I also already use the hydrating light moisturiser religiously, so I left those two products out. 

However, I went on a little spree to find the best place to buy the remaining three products - and for me they were good recommendations as I had not heard of them, and rarely have found a good facial scrub or face mask. I ordered them from Boots on 3 for 2, as trying to find them cheap on Amazon backfired as they had introduced the "Add-on" scheme by then and I didn't get the products to add up to £10 annoyingly!

Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes
I have used ALL the Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes, and to be honest, could not find a difference between using them and with any other old cleansing wipe. I did not see a big difference in my face's radiance when I just used the wipe along with moisturiser.

Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub
I have been using this along with the Face Mask, around once or twice a week, and instantly find it makes my skin more supple, glowing and my nose, which tends to have noticeable pores and blackheads, looks smoother. I have applied the scrub with exfoliating hand glove things and that really helps I think!

Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask
You apply this and wait for 3 or so minutes, and using this after the facial scrub means my skin is super soft afterwards. I definitely plan on repurchasing the mask and scrub once they have run out. I am super surprised I had not noticed them in-store before, as I always check out the Simple section in Boots or Superdrug.

Overall, the results were what I expected, but there was information in there that was new to me, but in addition there were things in there that I was being reminded of to do, such as toning! I usually fail to do that and since I did Simple Sense (around a month ago) I've been using the Simple toner and have noticed improvements! In addition, their product recommendations were great and it helped me buy some new products which I had not done in a while, and meant I have new staples too!

I really recommend Simple Sense, even if you don't plan on buying anything once you have done it, it's got a lot of interesting information there!

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(Note: This isn't a sponsored post at all, I just really like Simple...!)


Holly Peckitt said...

Really enjoyed reading this blog post. I've tried signing up and although I am 14 it doesn't seem to recognise from my DOB that I am over 13. I definitely will try again though.
Holly xx

Jean said...

Thanks Holly! Definitely try again, because even if you don't want to buy what they recommend there is some really good advice in there! <3 Thanks for commenting chica :3

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