Thursday, 8 August 2013

Leaving School

This last year was my final and sixth year at high school, and to be honest was the best year at school I had ever had, with fifth year being a very close second.

I've been sort of sitting on this post for a little bit now, as I wanted to wait until the exam results day came past (the 6th August) but my results weren't particularly amazing! Our deputy head teacher gave us a lecture at the start of the year and said "Sixth year was not a party", and we used that quote pretty much the entire year whenever we did anything remotely procrastinating.

So this year I took three subjects - Advanced Higher Art (which would be equivalent of AS Level Art? Is that a thing? Anyway, Highers are how you get into university in Scotland and Advanced Highers are the next step after the Higher and the highest award you can get in high school here), Advanced Higher Modern Studies (which this year was all about crime and law, so good for people wanting to do politics or law at uni) and I crashed Higher Spanish (crashing being that I went into the subject never having done it before - I had done Higher French but Spanish.... no hablo espagnol ;)).

Advanced Higher Art was beyond a doubt the funnest class I have ever taken, but also simultaneously utterly soul destroying in how much work needs to be done. I worked a lot in my frees and at lunch and then during exam leave to make sure it was all done in time before the 7th June deadline, and I was so relieved when it was sent away! I had gotten a B in Higher and was pretty determined to get an A in Advanced Higher, so getting a B in Advanced Higher was slightly disheartening... BUT I'm saying to myself that art is subjective and whoever marked it just didn't like what I did. I got into my preferred university doing fashion design with my folio so it's all water under the bridge!

With Modern Studies, I got a B in that too - which I am not fussed about at all because the amount of revision I did for it was laughable. With Higher Spanish, I am considering obtaining a C an achievement because I had never done Spanish before and I also did not revise very much for it.

It's taken me awhile to actually feel sad about leaving school. And I know people always say, "high school were the best years of your life", and people disagree with that, but I feel like high school got progessively better and better, and I'll obviously have better years ahead of me but high school was pretty damn great. I have met some of the funniest and nicest people in my time there and even though I did not cry at the Leavers Dance, I'll probably cry when my sister goes to school on the first day back and I realise I am not!

It'll be weird going to a city where I know no one on my course, and only a few going to the same university, but it's for making new memories! /cheese

I haven't decided yet what type of posts I am doing concerning university but no doubt they'll be more useful to you readers than this post was! I felt like I wanted to let some feelings out and as a blog I felt it was the right place to do so :)



If you haven't left school, how do you think you will cope when it comes? If you have, how did you find school overall? 


Holly Peckitt said...

I am just about to start my fourth year at High School in September. In January I left my first high school and moved to where my mum's an English teacher, essentially because I was incredibly unhappy and I basically had two years of my education ruined. When I did leave, I didn't feel emotional at all and I have severed most ties with the people that are there. But I feel that in just under 2 years when I leave my current school I will be sad because I love it there, but time goes on and I'll move on to do other things like going to sixth form college and then university.

Jean said...

I totally understand you Holly- we'll be able to move on, and everyone does, but it's always that thought that you won't see some people all at the same time, and some people you won't see everyday forever more! It's a strange thing, school...

Cat said...

Well done on your results! If I crashed a subject I would most definitely fail it, haha :P xx

Naana(Official) said...

I am sorry your grades weren't that good but they are still okay. Good luck with college and me on the coping thing, we will find out when the time comes. Plus, Cat helped me out with the button coding so it's ready for this blog! x

Jean said...

Cat - thanks!! Mmm, I thought crashing a subject would be relatively easy but yeah, it's pretty difficult... I do recommend it though if you need more subjects in 6th year! Just try more than me though :p

Naana - Thanks Naana!! Really appreciate it <3 I've put your button up now, thanks for letting me know!

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