Saturday, 3 August 2013

Filofaxes are cool

Filofaxes are inherently cool.

That's right, I said it. The classic 80's paper personal organiser is not only a way more hipster way of organising your life, it is possibly the most customisable. Scratch that - it IS the most customisable type of organiser.

When I was little, I had a furry pink organiser which I kept important information like my name, my friends names, and who they fancied. It never occurred to me at an older age that personal organisers existed for adults until I read the infamous post by Gala Darling on her filofax. Seriously, go read that and then try and NOT go on ebay looking for used Filofaxes - I dare you! I knew instantly after reading that that I had to buy one.

After discovering there was a community online for Filofax lovers, I set about reading anything I could get my hands on to do with Filofaxes, organisation, time management - and the most important thing - making your Filofax and its innards look amazin'.

My blog is not going to be just about fashion, and instead I want to include other things. One of those is my love for Filofaxes and organisation! My goals right now are making the set up of my Filofax far better and incorporate everything I will need for university life.

However, that is a slow process - and just now I want to show you my Filofax set up for now.

Now, the really sad thing about this post is that earlier today my Filofax broke. What you see above, with the awesome Totoro sticker on, is my Filofax. But below...

The rings came off.

I have only had it for a year or so, which makes it sadder. Filofaxes are known for being built to last. My mum has a Filofax from 1985 which is still in good nick. Luckily, I've already purchased the exact same Filofax - a Personal Metropol - in Lavender... but for now, I am using a binder which I have no idea of the brand... it is just for now... I hope :0

To be honest, in this photo it doesn't look that bad. But it feels bad, you know?

When you open it up, you first see my pretty pocket filled with some scrapbook flowers, a ticket from something which I can't recall, and a paper kimono (ON A FREAKING HANGER!!) and some Japanese washi paper. The blue card is a oracle card, which I just realised I didn't take a photo of from the right side. At the bottom right is a mini girl guide pin. I wasn't actually a guide (those from 10 - 14 years of age) but it was too cute!

I am sincerely sorry for the shittiness (it is a word (ha)) of the photography AND editing of this photo.
In between my display pocket of awesome and my dashboard (what Filo-lovers call the first port of call in a filofax) is a piece of card with a Norwegian sardine tin label. Don't ask, it's art (nervous laugh). My dashboard boasts some stickers, and three sets of post-its... Throughout my filo I use different colours to mean different things. Yellow is used for things to do with "Me" - (fitness, health.... that's about it). As you can see I can't be bothered with that sort of stuff right now, although I should. Orange, is the colour I used to use for school, but since I left in May I have been using it for anything useful - making a dress, tidying my room.... Pink was used for my future, and I think I will be changing it to uni! The white post-it note is for particularly important things, natch.

Some more pretty things, and a glimpse of a home made divider I made with a Cath Kidston magazine.

Paper I really like, and is actually from my first ever personal organiser - the pink fluffy one - but I haven't thought of a use for them yet.

In the third tab is useful things - a card of conversion tables and such... and next is where I am planning on keeping my finances and budgeting in check for university.

Here are some assorted weeks of my filofax for your viewing pleasure :D

Right at the back I used a credit card insert and filled it with a bunch of stuff, including a tiny origami crane and some useful post-its, used for the transparent flyleaf I have during the particular week it is.

I have a few zip-lock bag (it's not a bag but I can't think of a better word) inserts including a pretty bee notebook which I also do not have a use for. I cut up a post-it note bonanza which was for A4 ring binders and fit it for my Filofax.

In my head, I imagined this post to be way more interesting and completely selling the awesomeness of Filofaxes, but I don't think it quite got there. In any case, I hope one person quite enjoys looking at how I organise my life...

Coming up soon are posts on what I have been sewing lately (not an awful lot... shit) and one on exam results, when I get them on Tuesday the 6th. Please let me know if you want more posts on Filofaxes or if I should never consider it again ;)

Ciao ciao xxx



Holly Peckitt said...

I love filofaxes, actually I collect them. I found this post really interesting and like that you are doing something that most bloggers don't do.
Holly x

Jean said...

Thanks for visiting Holly!! :D No way?! What kind of Filofaxes do you have, and do you use them pretty regularly?? Thanks so much <3

Milly W-H said...

Oh no, I'm going to have to go and buy my own filofax to organise my life;)xx

Jean said...

Hehe, totally recommend Filofaxes, Milly! By far the funnest way of organising!

Jodi Young said...

filofaxes are so cool. i'm really glad other people use them- everyone says i'm old fashioned for relying on mine but i'd be lost without it! love. jodi xx

Naana(Official) said...

It's really nice! I love the colour and i have actually never heard of them but it is cute! x

Jean said...

Jodi - Aren't they?! I just love using paper to document things I need to do, want and all sorts. What sort of filofax do you use? :D

Naana - Thanks! Filofaxes are a British brand of personal organiser, which I think have been going on since the early 80s - a very popular time for them! They are uber customisable and yes, very cute too! :) Highly recommend them!

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