Thursday, 15 August 2013

Filofaxes are cool part 2: organisation

I got a really good response to my "Filofaxes are cool" post, so thanks to everyone who commented! Since then I have bagged my mum's 1985 Filofax, a proper vintage one! I absolutely love it and how it is worn and used, it has a great texture. 

I wanted to chat a bit about how I am planning on using my Filofax to organise my life for university. I thought I'd try out a few ways to start off with and see how it went. Hopefully I'll manage to stick to it! 

The oracle card I forgot to take a photo of last time

So the tabs I am using in my Filofax are UNI, BLOG, NOTES, REFERENCE, and DIARY (which can't be seen because it is obscured unfortunately!)

UNI has details about SAAS and when payments are being put in (which I don't know yet but will soon hopefully!), and also will have course details and timetable, things I need to do, and other such things.

BLOG is pretty self explanatory and so far I've got a couple pages with post ideas and the front page with a couple to do's on it.

NOTES has nothing in it so far and I can't really think of anything to put in it just now - any ideas would be welcome!

REFERENCE will have, even though it's UNI related, my university finances and budgeting, along with my virtual internship things (which I am going to post about soon!), and other useful information.

Once I actually get to university I expect some things to change and be added in, such as a place to write shopping lists and menu ideas... and I also want to put in more useful things like work outs, my morning routine, skincare routine and other bits and bobs! However I want to just see whether the tabs I am using now are useful for the next couple months and from then on I will swap around and pop things in :)

If you're nosy, here is last week.... you can see that I went to Brighton on Friday, and this is a scheduled post! I'll be back on Saturday with hopefully some nice photos and interesting buys from the vintage shops there!

I wanna see how you organise your life - do you have a diary, a planner, use pieces of paper or just keep it all in your head? Let me know!


Holly Peckitt said...

Yes! Another Filofax post. I own a grey one that I was given last year for christmas. I love it and its so easy to organise things by using it although I tend to forget about it and find myself writing in events, things at school and other stuff in months later having to copy it off my calendar.
Holly x

Daniela K said...

wish i could be so organize like you! you have a really cute blog <3

Jean said...

Holly - Hehe, plan to do some more but I am running out of ideas!! I do the exact same thing, I go through periods of loving to use my Filofax and then periods of forgetting about it, and then filling stuff I have missed out! Thanks for commenting doll :3

Daniela - Aw thanks for dropping by, really appreciate it!

Marielle Anne said...

I love this! I'm trying to use my planner regularly but there are times that I'm too lazy or I'm not that busy and got nothing to write :( Most of the time, I use my tablet now hahaha

Jean said...

Thanks Marielle! I know that feeling, really need to work to keep using it sometimes, especially when I have nothing going on! Thanks for stopping by :D

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