Sunday, 25 August 2013


The past year has seen the rise and rise of the virtual internship (also known as a remote internship), a form of the classic tea-getter which leaves out the act of having to get tea. This is because instead of being in the office of the magazine you love, you're in your room whilst listening to OneRepublic on repeat whilst you go about your internship duties. What's not to love?

The benefits of a virtual internship

Why should you think about finding a virtual internship? Let me list the ways...

  • Compared to an internship you have to get up at silly o'clock to get to, a virtual internship is there whenever you have access to the internet and email. 
  • You learn how to manage your time. I don't spend quite as much time on tumblr reblogging pictures of Rose and the Doctor between walls (although it is still an unhealthy addiction) when I know I have to do looks for LOOKSIMA.
  • If you have no way of getting an internship in whatever your career of choice is, such as you live in nowhere-ville, then a virtual internship allows you to build your skills and CV easily.
  • Speaking of CVs, your virtual internship will boost your CV.
  • Email etiquette. You probably know how to type an email, seeing as you probably sent an email to obtain the virtual internship, but there are always ways of improving your email etiquette.
  • Interview skills. You might be interviewed via skype, in which case you just developed some skills in being interviewed, gurl!
  • and many more...!

Using your internship to learn

The whole point of an internship where you are not paid is to develop skills. With a virtual internship, this is just as true. I have learned to effectively organise my time to fit my virtual internship within my life. I was VERY bad and let myself neglect my internship for several months, but luckily was able to learn from that mistake to continue doing the internship and instead of neglecting and getting overwhelmed I managed my time better.

Not only that, but with my internship I use Photoshop repeatedly, and thanks to that I have massively developed my skills in the program from the continued use. Before I had my internship the program scared me a little, but the tried and tested term "practice makes perfect" really does ring true in that I do not have to look up on Google what steps I have to do to do a clipping mask, for instance, it is just automatic.

How to find virtual internships

I came across virtual internships whilst on the InternQueen website (which if you are looking for PR virtual internships there are plenty) and quickly wanted to discover a fashion-related internship which would not mean I would have to move to London, seeing as I am based in a small town in Scotland.

A Google search led me to, which allows you to search for any kind of internship (in my case, I typed "fashion" into the search bar) and tick a box: "Virtual" so you come across ones which you don't have to leave your home to do. works in such a way though that you need to fill in your information AND a CV before you can apply for internships, as you apply through their website to prospective companies. (For those based in the UK, you may have to put a note at the top of your CV page to say you are from the UK, as I found the location does not allow for those outside the US). 

I really enjoyed using this website and it was how I found my virtual internship, but it definitely is not the only way to find one! Simply typing your type of internship along with virtual internship can mean you find opportunities, as well as using Twitter.

As more people discover the beauty of virtual internships, there will most likely be more and more ways of coming across them! Just yesterday I was told about a website coming soon where you can find virtual internships, called Edumoko. Hopefully that means a surge in the popularity of virtual internships is coming soon!

Take care!!


Have you had a virtual internship before? If not, do you think you will try and find one now?
Let me know if you would like more posts on virtual internships, if you found this post helpful!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Simple is by far one of my favourite skincare brands, ever since I began using their Light moisturiser, one of their most popular products, I have been using their products on my face and found that they have been super beneficial! Most days I tend to use just their cleanser and light moisturiser, and that is good enough for making sure my skin is clean, but I had been noticing it was glowing or healthy looking. 

On a Twitter escapade I came across a tweet by Simple discussing their new personalised skincare routine called Simple Sense, which is free! Naturally I could not say no and instantly began the quiz to see what advice Simple could dish out. 

Simple ask you a bunch of questions, from what your face feels like if you touch it, what sort of things you eat, what problems you encounter with your skin, and a bunch more. It takes around 10 minutes to complete if you think about each question properly, and at the end you find out 3 specific areas you can focus on to get what you what out of your skin, but there is an entire array of sections from Deep Cleanse to Treat which give you advice depending on what you answered.

What I found the most helpful was that under each tab it told you how to effectively DO that process, so for example in Deep Cleanse it told you how to actually use the Simple product it recommended you, in order to get the best result out of it. This was by far the most useful aspect of Simple Sense, along with personalised product recommendations!

Word of warning however, if you plan on doing the quiz and going back to look at it again, screen shot or save the bits you want to read! I did the quiz, skimmed through and closed it, and had to re-do the questionnaire again... and then I did it again twice! It's a bit of a faff so make sure to keep that in mind.

Below were the product recommendations I was given with my results. I don't tend to use eye makeup often so I didn't bother buying the eye makeup remover pads, and I also already use the hydrating light moisturiser religiously, so I left those two products out. 

However, I went on a little spree to find the best place to buy the remaining three products - and for me they were good recommendations as I had not heard of them, and rarely have found a good facial scrub or face mask. I ordered them from Boots on 3 for 2, as trying to find them cheap on Amazon backfired as they had introduced the "Add-on" scheme by then and I didn't get the products to add up to £10 annoyingly!

Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes
I have used ALL the Radiance Brightening Cleansing Wipes, and to be honest, could not find a difference between using them and with any other old cleansing wipe. I did not see a big difference in my face's radiance when I just used the wipe along with moisturiser.

Kind to Skin Smoothing Facial Scrub
I have been using this along with the Face Mask, around once or twice a week, and instantly find it makes my skin more supple, glowing and my nose, which tends to have noticeable pores and blackheads, looks smoother. I have applied the scrub with exfoliating hand glove things and that really helps I think!

Kind to Skin Deep Cleansing Face Mask
You apply this and wait for 3 or so minutes, and using this after the facial scrub means my skin is super soft afterwards. I definitely plan on repurchasing the mask and scrub once they have run out. I am super surprised I had not noticed them in-store before, as I always check out the Simple section in Boots or Superdrug.

Overall, the results were what I expected, but there was information in there that was new to me, but in addition there were things in there that I was being reminded of to do, such as toning! I usually fail to do that and since I did Simple Sense (around a month ago) I've been using the Simple toner and have noticed improvements! In addition, their product recommendations were great and it helped me buy some new products which I had not done in a while, and meant I have new staples too!

I really recommend Simple Sense, even if you don't plan on buying anything once you have done it, it's got a lot of interesting information there!

Click here to check it out ~



(Note: This isn't a sponsored post at all, I just really like Simple...!)

Thursday, 15 August 2013

Filofaxes are cool part 2: organisation

I got a really good response to my "Filofaxes are cool" post, so thanks to everyone who commented! Since then I have bagged my mum's 1985 Filofax, a proper vintage one! I absolutely love it and how it is worn and used, it has a great texture. 

I wanted to chat a bit about how I am planning on using my Filofax to organise my life for university. I thought I'd try out a few ways to start off with and see how it went. Hopefully I'll manage to stick to it! 

The oracle card I forgot to take a photo of last time

So the tabs I am using in my Filofax are UNI, BLOG, NOTES, REFERENCE, and DIARY (which can't be seen because it is obscured unfortunately!)

UNI has details about SAAS and when payments are being put in (which I don't know yet but will soon hopefully!), and also will have course details and timetable, things I need to do, and other such things.

BLOG is pretty self explanatory and so far I've got a couple pages with post ideas and the front page with a couple to do's on it.

NOTES has nothing in it so far and I can't really think of anything to put in it just now - any ideas would be welcome!

REFERENCE will have, even though it's UNI related, my university finances and budgeting, along with my virtual internship things (which I am going to post about soon!), and other useful information.

Once I actually get to university I expect some things to change and be added in, such as a place to write shopping lists and menu ideas... and I also want to put in more useful things like work outs, my morning routine, skincare routine and other bits and bobs! However I want to just see whether the tabs I am using now are useful for the next couple months and from then on I will swap around and pop things in :)

If you're nosy, here is last week.... you can see that I went to Brighton on Friday, and this is a scheduled post! I'll be back on Saturday with hopefully some nice photos and interesting buys from the vintage shops there!

I wanna see how you organise your life - do you have a diary, a planner, use pieces of paper or just keep it all in your head? Let me know!

Monday, 12 August 2013

The Lipstick Tag

Thanks to the lovely Charlotte over at Colours and Carousels who tagged me in the Lipstick tag - my very first one!

How many lipsticks do you own?
For some reason I thought I had about 5, but I only have 3! Which is a very disappointing number...

What was your first ever lipstick?
I have very fond memories of some Barbie lipsticks, which came in different colours like orange, pink and yellow (maybe more a lip balm in a lipstick tube, then..), and when I first saw the packaging for the Maybelline Baby Lips it instantly reminded me of the Barbie lipsticks because of the font and bright colours!

What is your most worn lipstick?
It's pretty obvious I don't wear lipstick very often, but I decided a few months ago to buy a red lipstick to wear out at night, and I bought Kate Moss's Rimmel lipstick in shade 22 for that specific purpose, and so far it's been really good. At the same time I bought a Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint in shade 04 which is for when I want a darker shade of lip colour but not full-on!

What is your favourite brand for lipstick?
Well I can't really say, because even though I have 2 Barry M lipsticks, which I got on offer once (in ghastly pink and a not so ghastly nude pink) I don't really wear them very often... I really like the lip tint though so I guess Max Factor!

What is your favourite finish?
I tried to wear lipstick which had gloss in it once and it just looked like my lips wear sweaty. Never again.

What was the last lip product you bought?
The lip tint and Kate Moss lipstick!

How many lip products do you currently have in your handbag? (Including balms and glosses)
I tend to just carry around the lip  tint even if I'm not wearing it, as I like it so much (may have to buy some in other colours) and also trusty Vaseline.

What lipstick do you use to rock a red lip?
The Kate Moss Rimmel one in shade 22, as previously mentioned :0

How do you store your lipsticks?
I have a little drawer which literally holds all of my makeup and they just go in there.

What lip products are you currently lusting after?
Everyone seems to be talking about the Maybelline Baby Lips, so I am tempted to try out one of those. I also want to buy a few more lip tints in different shades, as lipstick often scares me.

I tag Cat over at Through a Cat's Eyes, Hannah at Hannah's Beauty Blog and Jessie at Painting The Ocean!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

Leaving School

This last year was my final and sixth year at high school, and to be honest was the best year at school I had ever had, with fifth year being a very close second.

I've been sort of sitting on this post for a little bit now, as I wanted to wait until the exam results day came past (the 6th August) but my results weren't particularly amazing! Our deputy head teacher gave us a lecture at the start of the year and said "Sixth year was not a party", and we used that quote pretty much the entire year whenever we did anything remotely procrastinating.

So this year I took three subjects - Advanced Higher Art (which would be equivalent of AS Level Art? Is that a thing? Anyway, Highers are how you get into university in Scotland and Advanced Highers are the next step after the Higher and the highest award you can get in high school here), Advanced Higher Modern Studies (which this year was all about crime and law, so good for people wanting to do politics or law at uni) and I crashed Higher Spanish (crashing being that I went into the subject never having done it before - I had done Higher French but Spanish.... no hablo espagnol ;)).

Advanced Higher Art was beyond a doubt the funnest class I have ever taken, but also simultaneously utterly soul destroying in how much work needs to be done. I worked a lot in my frees and at lunch and then during exam leave to make sure it was all done in time before the 7th June deadline, and I was so relieved when it was sent away! I had gotten a B in Higher and was pretty determined to get an A in Advanced Higher, so getting a B in Advanced Higher was slightly disheartening... BUT I'm saying to myself that art is subjective and whoever marked it just didn't like what I did. I got into my preferred university doing fashion design with my folio so it's all water under the bridge!

With Modern Studies, I got a B in that too - which I am not fussed about at all because the amount of revision I did for it was laughable. With Higher Spanish, I am considering obtaining a C an achievement because I had never done Spanish before and I also did not revise very much for it.

It's taken me awhile to actually feel sad about leaving school. And I know people always say, "high school were the best years of your life", and people disagree with that, but I feel like high school got progessively better and better, and I'll obviously have better years ahead of me but high school was pretty damn great. I have met some of the funniest and nicest people in my time there and even though I did not cry at the Leavers Dance, I'll probably cry when my sister goes to school on the first day back and I realise I am not!

It'll be weird going to a city where I know no one on my course, and only a few going to the same university, but it's for making new memories! /cheese

I haven't decided yet what type of posts I am doing concerning university but no doubt they'll be more useful to you readers than this post was! I felt like I wanted to let some feelings out and as a blog I felt it was the right place to do so :)



If you haven't left school, how do you think you will cope when it comes? If you have, how did you find school overall? 

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Filofaxes are cool

Filofaxes are inherently cool.

That's right, I said it. The classic 80's paper personal organiser is not only a way more hipster way of organising your life, it is possibly the most customisable. Scratch that - it IS the most customisable type of organiser.

When I was little, I had a furry pink organiser which I kept important information like my name, my friends names, and who they fancied. It never occurred to me at an older age that personal organisers existed for adults until I read the infamous post by Gala Darling on her filofax. Seriously, go read that and then try and NOT go on ebay looking for used Filofaxes - I dare you! I knew instantly after reading that that I had to buy one.

After discovering there was a community online for Filofax lovers, I set about reading anything I could get my hands on to do with Filofaxes, organisation, time management - and the most important thing - making your Filofax and its innards look amazin'.

My blog is not going to be just about fashion, and instead I want to include other things. One of those is my love for Filofaxes and organisation! My goals right now are making the set up of my Filofax far better and incorporate everything I will need for university life.

However, that is a slow process - and just now I want to show you my Filofax set up for now.

Now, the really sad thing about this post is that earlier today my Filofax broke. What you see above, with the awesome Totoro sticker on, is my Filofax. But below...

The rings came off.

I have only had it for a year or so, which makes it sadder. Filofaxes are known for being built to last. My mum has a Filofax from 1985 which is still in good nick. Luckily, I've already purchased the exact same Filofax - a Personal Metropol - in Lavender... but for now, I am using a binder which I have no idea of the brand... it is just for now... I hope :0

To be honest, in this photo it doesn't look that bad. But it feels bad, you know?

When you open it up, you first see my pretty pocket filled with some scrapbook flowers, a ticket from something which I can't recall, and a paper kimono (ON A FREAKING HANGER!!) and some Japanese washi paper. The blue card is a oracle card, which I just realised I didn't take a photo of from the right side. At the bottom right is a mini girl guide pin. I wasn't actually a guide (those from 10 - 14 years of age) but it was too cute!

I am sincerely sorry for the shittiness (it is a word (ha)) of the photography AND editing of this photo.
In between my display pocket of awesome and my dashboard (what Filo-lovers call the first port of call in a filofax) is a piece of card with a Norwegian sardine tin label. Don't ask, it's art (nervous laugh). My dashboard boasts some stickers, and three sets of post-its... Throughout my filo I use different colours to mean different things. Yellow is used for things to do with "Me" - (fitness, health.... that's about it). As you can see I can't be bothered with that sort of stuff right now, although I should. Orange, is the colour I used to use for school, but since I left in May I have been using it for anything useful - making a dress, tidying my room.... Pink was used for my future, and I think I will be changing it to uni! The white post-it note is for particularly important things, natch.

Some more pretty things, and a glimpse of a home made divider I made with a Cath Kidston magazine.

Paper I really like, and is actually from my first ever personal organiser - the pink fluffy one - but I haven't thought of a use for them yet.

In the third tab is useful things - a card of conversion tables and such... and next is where I am planning on keeping my finances and budgeting in check for university.

Here are some assorted weeks of my filofax for your viewing pleasure :D

Right at the back I used a credit card insert and filled it with a bunch of stuff, including a tiny origami crane and some useful post-its, used for the transparent flyleaf I have during the particular week it is.

I have a few zip-lock bag (it's not a bag but I can't think of a better word) inserts including a pretty bee notebook which I also do not have a use for. I cut up a post-it note bonanza which was for A4 ring binders and fit it for my Filofax.

In my head, I imagined this post to be way more interesting and completely selling the awesomeness of Filofaxes, but I don't think it quite got there. In any case, I hope one person quite enjoys looking at how I organise my life...

Coming up soon are posts on what I have been sewing lately (not an awful lot... shit) and one on exam results, when I get them on Tuesday the 6th. Please let me know if you want more posts on Filofaxes or if I should never consider it again ;)

Ciao ciao xxx