Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Stavanger 2013 camp

Hello hello hello!

Back at the start of July, I went away for 10 days with 9 other girls around the same age as me (16-19) and 3 Leaders from Girlguiding Scotland, to go to the National Norwegian Jamboree - Stavanger 2013. There were, naturally, mainly Norwegian Scouts there, but there were about 3000 guides and scouts from all over the world, including the USA, New Zealand, Hong Kong, the UK, Sweden, Denmark, France and Croatia (to name but a few!).

Going to Norway was actually my first time flying ANYWHERE and it was one of the most exciting and different experiences of my entire life! Suffice to say, I think 10 days of camping in a tent is probably my limit!

The girls who came (including me) were all selected from different Girlguiding regions in Scotland, so before we went to Norway we had only met twice beforehand, at the selection weekend and at an information weekend!

I would gladly call these girls really good friends now, which I think is one of the best things that came out of the trip.

One of the most exciting *things* we did was a hike to Pulpit Rock, or Preikestolen as it is called in Norway, which is a rock face that sticks out 600m above sea level, and overlooks a beautiful fjord. It was such a beautiful place it sort of felt like I was on the inside of a painting, if ya get me?

Jaw-droppingly beautiful, in my opinion!!

Now that I have finally "travelled", I want to do some more! There is a World Scout Jamboree being held in Japan in 2015, and the International Service Team applications open in September... guess who is gonna go apply?! The idea of being able to go to Japan (probably only) once in my life, is giving me shivers - I really hope I get selected as one of the 300 IST people going over, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity :0

Guiding isn't all about international opportunities (although you can consider them the more exciting thing about Girlguiding!), and I volunteer in a unit, take part in challenges and awards and am part of a Senior Section (for girls aged 14-26 years of age). Expect way more posts on guiding and why it is SO SO awesome!




Andrea Ryan said...

Is Girlguiding like Girl Scouts in America?

Jean said...

Hey Andrea! Yep it's essentially the same, except we don't sell cookies :) It used to be called Girlguiding UK, which was a lot easier for people to just slip into conversation, but now it's technically just Girlguiding, which doesn't really help all that much for 'brand identity'. Thanks for stopping by! :)

Jodi Young said...

that looks like so much fun- i would love to go to norway!

jodi xo

Jean said...

Thanks for dropping by Jodi! It was so much fun, if you ever get the chance, totally do it! The houses and just everything over there is so quaint and pretty :)

Dulcie Horn said...

AND YOU'RE A GUIDE! Official favourite new blog! So jealous of your trip, I went to Switzerland with the Guides but back when I was ten.

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