Friday, 26 July 2013

The wondrous power of journals

Warning: there's a hella lot of swearing from here on out. It's probably more than is required for a blog post on art journals, but whatever. 
PS. This post is a re-post of a post (too many posts, sorry dictionaries everywhere) from an older blog of mine!

If we roll on back to the end of January 2012, I was in a limbo. I was wanting to apply for art college in the next year of school and I felt like I had nothing to go towards that… I had a massive passion and I collected books and read them (which is surprisingly something I do a lot with books) and read blogs about people who were connected to what I wanted to do… yet I had no physical evidence of my passion (except the really cool books, but that’s another blog post yet, my dear).

In a haze of internet procrastination and journeying, I came upon a section of the internet which calls itself… an e-course. These are things that people who run blogs (even the ones that aren’t even minutely successful!) make to earn money. OK, they may be more than that to some people, but generally, they cash in on gullible people by pretending their e-course or bible or workshop or puppet show includes the answers to the universe (which I will tell you now FOR FREE is 42. You’re freakin welcome.) and even FREAKIN more if you buy the whole collection of their e-courses for ONLY (and I mean ONLY… It literally COULD NOT get cheaper, seeing as you are ALREADY getting a MASSIVE saving of A MASSIVE £2) £345.69. And that includes the really special deelybopper which glows in the dark. BUT I DIGRESS!

The moral of this story is not a rant on internet businessmen and women, but rather a happy tale of a misguided and procrastinating teenager who swiftly abandons their terrible ways of procrastinating by taking part in an intriguing weekly art journal challenge, which, in a shocking twist of a tale, they end up accidentally forgetting about during the summer and having to catch up in a frenzy as they mentioned…. But hang on! I am rather speedily telling my story. It would be far better for both me and you if I spent the time to tell you in a more normal, human way of typing what I am actually talking about.

Basically, I found out about an “Art Journal All Year” E-course, created by bloggers Elsie and Rachel, and sold in their shop, Red Velvet. It doesn’t technically have to be all year, as once purchased you get access to a website and it stays up there for ever and ever (unless there is a computer meltdown, but that’s in the far future) so in essence you could do it monthly for 52 months, bi-monthly for a hundred and…. oh jesus… four months? Yeah. 104 months. Although that sounds like an awfully long time. It’s actually a really good, comprehensive bunch of challenges which are useful to people (like myself) who aren’t that great at sitting down and thinking of something off the bat.

If you’re sitting there wondering to yourself… what is an art journal? Well, first of all, I’d like to apologise for anyone who doesn’t think that, and also sorry for sounding particularly condescending, but defining what an art journal is is important and crucial in a post about them. Sorry.

So, an art journal is basically a journal; favoured by the more hipster teenager who would rather not use a diary and would rather call it a journal as it has all their feelings in it but makes them sound cooler when they whisper to their friends that they have a journal, since a diary just sounds middle-school, amirite?, and since it is an art journal, it is the combination of the frenziful emotion-y feeling love spew rainbow shite and the condescending thy better than thou OH COLOURS TEXTURE me me me meememememememememememe art stuff. Because the best definition of art is “stuff”.

Now, I’m not saying my art journal isn’t full of “love spew rainbow shite” or “OH COLOURS TEXTURE me me me mememememememe art stuff”, but in essence, that is what they are. Ain’t no other way of saying it. Apart from using Ain’t instead of There is not, but that is an entirely different kettle of rainbow shite.

Hasta la pasta,


PS If you were at all inspired to check out the e-course I used, zoom here.

(disclaimer: journals generally don’t come with a wondrous power. It’s what you do with them that changes that.)


Lexi said...

I really struggled with getting personal in my blog posts and even private journals for a long time. Shying away from being personal in a private journal is pretty absurd considering that's the entire point, but it was like I just felt embarrassed to talk about my feelings or life -- even to myself.

Blogging was even more difficult, because it felt way to narcissistic to assume that the internet cares about the life of an unremarkable 20-something year old college girl. But, to my surprise the few times I did post from my perspective and not from an objective, third person detached voice I received a ton of great feedback from my readers.

I hope your art challenge goes well, it's rough to get over that ME ME ME ME ME feeling from getting personal, but it's still important!


Jean said...

@Lexi- I totally understand where you are coming from! It probably took around 3 months of the art journal challenge until I properly started taking myself seriously, but in a light-hearted way.

When I go onto other peoples' blogs the posts that are my favourite ARE the personal ones, it's what draws me to the blog - the person! Sometimes I feel some bloggers forget that a lot of people are there for THEM and not always their outfits (although, that too!)

Thanks! I just realised I forgot to mention in the post, but I finished it back in January (just in time for interviews), I found there was a bit in the middle where I really liked what I did, and by the end I was really tired of myself and art and bleh.

Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting, I really appreciate it :D

Justine Izah said...

I've tried to keep a diary or as the cool kids call it a journal but alas I've always failed. And I agree wholeheartedly about being wary of Internet salesmen and women. Funny post!

Jean said...

@Justine - Thanks so much for dropping by, really appreciate it! Ahah, I know what you mean by the cool kids ;) Thanks for stopping by Justine!! <3

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